ETAP 18.1.1 Full

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  • Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 ✅
  • 64 bits compatibility ✅
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  • Permanent activation ✅
  • Install guide is included ✅
  • It can be installed on as many computers as you want ✅
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NOTE: “ETAP Scada” is Not part of this package

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ETAP 18.1.1 includes new features and improvements to enhance software performance and the user experience. This upgrade adds to the extensive list of new features and capabilities of the ETAP 18 series.
  • Increased performance & speed
  • Incremental model import from Revit® BIM
  • Detailed conversion from SKM PowerTools®
  • Expanded eTrax™ Rail Traction System features
  • Faster run-time calculation speed
  • Improved Plot Manager accessing study files over a local network
  • Enhanced one-line diagram PDF output
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft PDF printer
  • Supports high DPI font scaling up to 200%Library Access Time
    This release includes a built-in feature that automatically defrags and compacts ETAP library files to allow for faster library access and speed. This enhancement resolves the slow scan response of the library file by Windows Defender Antivirus program.

    Faster Project Load, Save & Backup
    Project load and save duration is shortened through enhanced use of files and memory, to speed up performance. Improved project access and backup reliability when connecting over a slow network.

    Improved Calculation Speed
    The speed of the calculations is improved through the implementation and use of new techniques. The run-time speed is noticeably faster on larger project sizes when performing Load Flow, Motor Starting, Harmonics, Harmonics, Reliability Assessment, Transient Stability and other analysis.