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Maestro 3D 5.2 Dental Studio Crack

Modern technology software. It is a complete tool for simplifying the working process of dentists, orthodontists and high-quality smile recovery. The system is commutable and is composed of three main big modules: Ortho Studio, Dental Restoration, Smile Creator formed the basis of Ortho Studio 5 software.


Incredible digital 3D implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
Improvement of your dental or orthodontist office with a modern solution.
Patients will be impressed with an accurate measurement.
Reduced staff costs: the application does almost everything instead of a potential assistant.

Maestro 3D Dental Studio 5.2 is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. The rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.

Software allows you to perform various treatments in just a few minutes – this is how long it takes to perform a comprehensive analysis in each dental case. Thanks to the wizard mode, it is very easy to perform any operation. With a few simple manipulations, you can add your own virtual bases of the upper and lower jaw or get transparent prototypes.


The platform maximally simplifies and automates the planning and production of personalized dentures due to the possibility of obtaining high-precision (up to 10 microns) models, the further processing of which can be almost completely automated.

Digital dentistry – creating the most detailed virtual impressions, forming a history for each patient, analyzing data from various observation periods.

Digital orthodontics – the most accurate modeling of implants, one-piece dentures, bridges, pins, veneers, crowns, onlays, braces, aligners.

Less assistance needed

You no longer need an assistant because Maestro 3D Dental Studio 5.2 performs almost all the work of a potential assistant, also doing the job required much faster. You need just 10 minutes to create a smile design plan that can help to achieve maximum quality of work and leave the client satisfied after the procedure.

Buy Maestro 3D Dental Studio 5.2 for good price on our website and you will be surprised at the modernization and increased productivity of your work.