SKM Power Tools V10 Full

  • Full Version ✅
  • Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 ✅
  • 32/64 bits compatibility ✅
  • Comes with all necessary files to Install & Activate ✅
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Captor: Produces Time versus Current Coordination drawings

Arc Flash Evaluation: Calculate the incident energy & arc flash boundary for each location

Equipment Evaluation: Compares protective device ratings with short-circuit calculations

Auto Coordination & Eval: Instantly identify coordination and protection issues

Cable Ampacity: Calculation of ampacity and temperature rise in various installations

A_Fault (ANSI): Fault calculations in full compliance with the ANSI C37 standards

IEC 60909 Fault: Calculates short-circuit currents using the equivalent voltage source as required by the IEC 60909 standard

IEC 61363 Fault: Calculates short-circuit currents for marine or offshore installations as required by the IEC 61363 standard

TMS: Analyze all aspects of motor starting problems accurately

HI_WAVE: Simulates resonance and harmonic distortion in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems

I*SIM: Simulate system response during & after transient disturbances such as faults, load changes, switching, etc.

Unbalanced/Single Phase: Simulates systems with single-phase, two-phase and unbalanced three-phase load conditions

Distribution Reliability: Calculates reliability indices & cost effects for alternative system designs

DC System Analysis: Battery Sizing, DC Load Flow, DC Short Circuit (ANSI & IEC)

IEE Wiring: Cable sizing based on B.S 7671 Wiring Regulations

Data Exchange: Automate work processes between SKM and third-party software

• OneLine Interface
• Comprehensive Library
• Fault Analysis
• Load Flow
• Demand Load
• Cable & Transformer Sizing
• Panel Schedule