Blue Sky Plan 4 Version 4.9.4 Full


  • Full Version ✅
  • Multilanguage
  • Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 ✅
  • 64 bits compatibility ✅
  • Single computer activation ✅
  • LIFETIME activation guaranteed ✅
  • Install guide is included ✅
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Blue Sky Plan 4 Version 4.9.4 Crack

Blue Sky Plan is an advanced treatment planning software for computer-guided surgery, developed and distributed by Blue Sky Bio.

Surgical guides can be completely designed in Blue Sky Plan and no other software is necessary. Surgical guides can be exported directly from Blue Sky Plan to STL files ready for 3D printing.

– Updated parts catalog
– Updated OpenSSL library

– Updated parts catalog
– Fixes in localization

– Fixed/improved mesh brushes
– Fixed catalog size timeout crash
– Updated localizations
– Updated manual
– Fixed opening in Rayware
– Fixed scan appliance fabrication
– Fixed model coloring after guide fabrication
– Fixed garbage in video creation
– Default platform rotation adjustments
– Undercut model decimation
– Minor facescan import wizard fixes
– Other minor fixes and improvements

– Parts catalog update
– New Francisco Azpiazu Flores set occlusion matrices
– Trim curve fix

– CT viewer mode
– LabPronto button on the intro screen
– Automatic nerve detection
– Improved curve drawing and editing
– Selection brush improvements
– Optional online licenses
– Automatic model to CT alignment improvements
– Reset steps functionality in orthodontics
– Implant placement by tip
– Export to Rayware (has issues with encoding)
– Project loading bug fix
– Conventional crown inclination fix
– Guide fabrication improvements
– Insertion direction improvements
– Many other fixes and improvements

– Fixed drill stop rotation bug
– Fixed guide tubes diameter in implant guides
– Fixed drill stop position with second implant
– Fixed duplicit message
– Fixed crash when ct surface mask is shown
– Fixed articulator transformation in orthodontics
– Fixed bug where guide windows could not be added
– Fixed invalid panoramic slice orientation for some Carestream imports

– Fixed transformation of guides against base model
– Fixed invalid resetting of custom drill lengths
– Fixed performance problem caused by model orientation estimation
– Fixed invalid license update after online license application
– Fixed hang while retrieving info about remote drive
– Fixed wrong insertion direction angle setting load
– Fixed strange contour lines on guides
– Fixed invalid model alignment of multiple models
– Fixed invalid drill stop rotation
– Fixed articulator behaviour in the orthodontic module
– Fixed post processing bug in undercut model fabrication
– Improved fix for Vera.ttf installation problem
– Updated parts catalog

– Fixed broken autoupdate
– Fixed windows transformation after guide fabrication
– Updated parts catalog
– Updated manual

– Fixed crash in articulation pins
– Nvidia settings adjustments

– Warning for disabled undercuts in normal mode
– Groupbox packing fix
– STL format set as default export format again

– Fixed fabrication of undercut model
– Undercut model fabrication UI refinements
– Fixed warning about invalid storage entry access
– Web engine leak fix

– Updated parts catalog
– Major update of undercut model support
– Changed default insertion direction angle to 12
– Guide fabrication adjustments and fixes
– Palatal seal snap fix
– Online license server support improvements
– Fixed hang while retrieving system information
– Other minor fixes

– Updated parts catalog
– Fixed unwanted implant/tooth position change on double click
– Shcore library dependency changed to dynamic
– Improved project compatibility check
– Show warning when running on Windows 7/8
– Improved installer with automatic download of Microsoft redistributables
– Automatic alignment in wizards can be cancelled by closing the dialog
– Fix for incorrect cephalometric analysis selected after project load
– Updated localizations
– Palatal seal cut fix
– Boolean behaviour fix
– Crown bottom params serialization

– Udpated parts catalog
– Incorrect smoothing of guide tubes fixed
– CAD/Denture module loading bug fix
– Orthodontic teeth hint view bug fix
– Orthodontic trimming fix
– Fixed crash at start caused by files from previous versions
– Hang workaround via HW info prefetch
– Boolean behaviour fix
– Crown bottom params serialization
– Palatal seal cut with bounds

– Updated parts catalog
– Snap to curve functionality improvements
– Automatic button placement
– File dialog performance improvements
– Many fixes

– Updated parts catalog
– Fixed incorrect smoothing of guide tubes
– Fixed crash at startup when installed over 4.0/4.1 version
– Fixed random crash in orthodontics
– Workaround for hang while retrieving hw info

– Updated parts catalog
– Fixed crash during application start
– Disabled updates logging, in some situations

– Undercuts artifacts bug fix
– Fixed platforms message

– Updated parts catalog
– Fix for surgical guides created without undercuts
– Palatal crash fix
– Fixed rotation ring refresh
– Fixed undo crash
– Fixed spanish and italian localization

– Fixed crash caused by invalid model matrix
– Guides smoothing/postprocessing fixed
– Fixed surgical guide button enabler
– Fixed floating marking points
– Nerve undo fix

– Updated parts catalog
– Updated localizations
– Drill kit listing fixed in wizard start dialog
– Fixed incorrect view size after workspace change
– Fixed export of multipart model parts to OBJ
– Disabled single key alphabetic shortcuts
– Disabled optional view actions in empty app

– Updated localizations
– Bridge fixes
– CAD/Denture camera adjustments
– Export message removed
– Fixed wrong icon set on reset defaults
– Fixed locking of attachments in legacy projects
– Fixed cephalometric metadata not saved
– Fixed inverted model error
– Fixed curve closing
– Fixed rasterized model operation
– Fixed incorrect tubes smoothing

– UI fixes for IBT platforms
– Fixed insertion direction undo
– Fixed deadly crash loop in crash report dialog
– Fixed broken cephalometric zooming
– Fixed mtl loading from localized paths
– Fixed rare crash during file dialog init
– Unit bridge fix
– CAD and Denture rename and visibility fixes

– CAD and Denture fixes
– Platforms bug fix
– Fix for hang during scan appliance alignment
– Fixed disappearing custom abutment
– Fixed inactive guide window in wizard step
– Fixed close/hollow model losing model properties
– Curve stroke fix
– Optimization of gl window maximize/restore
– Segmentation shader fix
– Improved logging
– Disabled renaming of crowns in CAD module

– Major catalog update (rotated buttons etc)
– Fix for jagged aligners
– CAD and Denture fixes
– Boolean operations enabled for more situations
– Improved command line support
– Improved menu styling after Qt update
– Updated English manual
– Fixed random Mac crash caused by Qt library bug
– Other minor fixes and improvements

– New surgical guide insertion path
– Several CAD and Denture module fixes and improvements
– Updated parts catalog
– New platforms for aligners
– Optional automatic platforms placement
– CAM support enhancements
– Improved aligner/surgical guide generator
– Wider orthodontic snap curve
– Fixed incorrectly displayed national characters
– Fixed model readers on non-ascii paths
– Fixed workspace switching bug
– Fixed trim height in orthodontics
– Fixed crash during shutdown
– Tooltips in preferences with default values
– Support for localized Labpronto
– Import of both jaws to orthodontics at once
– Updated third party libraries
– Other minor fixes and improvements


Blue Sky Plan is an advanced Treatment Planning Software for Computer Guided Surgery. Surgical Guides can be ordered from certified dental labs, or fabricated completely in-house (no other software necessary).


Dentists use Blue Sky Plan, advanced dental software, to review and analyze every possible consideration when determining the ideal implant placement.

Medical Industry

Blue Sky Plan allows advanced manipulation of CT scans and STL scans to generate surgical guides, anatomical models, surface offsetting and more.