Blue Sky Plan 4 Version 4.11

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  • 64 bits compatibility ✅
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Blue Sky Plan 4 Version 4.11 Crack

Blue Sky Plan is an advanced treatment planning software for computer-guided surgery, developed and distributed by Blue Sky Bio.

Surgical guides can be completely designed in Blue Sky Plan and no other software is necessary. Surgical guides can be exported directly from Blue Sky Plan to STL files ready for 3D printing.

Release Notes
– Updated parts catalog
– Other minor improvements
– Improved phone number prefix handling
– Improved message for error states
– Updated localizations
– Fixed bridge creation crashes
– Fixed facescan trim curve problems
– Support for better splint module crash detection
– Support for splint module working file detection after crash
– Stricter Splint module updates handling
– Fixed midline bug causing teeth reposition
– Fixed buttons on exported separated teeth ignoring ui setting
– Updated OpenSSL
– Licensing behaviour and UI adjustments
– Improved support for sso token expiration
– Fixed ruler updating
– Fixed missing 3D scene screenshot in report
– Fixed app cleanup procedure
– Surgical guide wizard disabled in Endodontic mode
– Crash report improvements
– Fixed application icon in the system
– Updated manual
– Other minor fixes and improvements
– Improved teeth landmarks detection
– Fixed hang during load of an older project
– Fixed machine identification mismatch between versions
– Support for private/shared license switching
– License management UI improvements
– Improved support for international characters in patient label in scene
– Updated parts catalog
– Wizard UI fixes
– Other bugfixes and minor improvements
– New Splint module
– Improved orthodontic planning flow
– Automatic landmark detection
– Improved teeth segmentation in CT scans
– Use automatic CT tooth segmentation as virtual teeth
– Updated parts catalog
– Medit intraoral scanner integration to acquire STL files
– Navigation data export bridge and export filters for DENACAM and XNav
– Improved reports
– Improved collision detection
– Improved selection brush
– Model decimation adjustments
– Abutment alignment to prosthetic screw channel
– Updated CAM export file with custom abutments support
– New locators for aligner trim curve
– Improved scan body alignment
– Automatic one implant planning in SG wizard
– Automatic drawing of tooth margin line
– Combine and open as a new model functionality
– Orthodontic video export
– Space mouse integration improvements
– Improved visual style
– ICP alignment fixes
– CAD and Denture crash fixes
– Nerve detection crash fix
– Updated OpenSSL and other third party libraries
– Other minor fixes and improvements


Blue Sky Plan is an advanced Treatment Planning Software for Computer Guided Surgery. Surgical Guides can be ordered from certified dental labs, or fabricated completely in-house (no other software necessary).


Dentists use Blue Sky Plan, advanced dental software, to review and analyze every possible consideration when determining the ideal implant placement.

Medical Industry

Blue Sky Plan allows advanced manipulation of CT scans and STL scans to generate surgical guides, anatomical models, surface offsetting and more.