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MillBox 2023 DGSHAPE v23.0.5 Roland Crack

MillBox Dental CAM 2023

MillBox – the perfect Dental CAM solution for milling any restorations

Thanks to its user-friendly, innovative and attractive interface, MillBox simplifies the process of arranging restorations in the material and creating a tool path. New users can very quickly begin to perform layout operations, even without special training or with minimal training. MillBox is built on a powerful CAM platform that is very easy to use and minimizes the time spent on processing orders. And this, in turn, provides laboratories with a significant return on investment in digital technologies.

Release Notes – Take a look at some of the major software news and updates:

Restoration menu (Existing feature change – MillBox)

This feature change allows you to access key information like restoration thickness and cavity fit without the need of unlocking the restorations on the blank.

Machine/tool set change (Existing feature change – MillBox)

From now on, you can not only change the machine for your milling but also the type of blank you will be machining on without restarting the nesting and calculation process.

Chamfer (Existing Feature Change – MillBox)

Now chamfers can be assigned both on top or on bottom side.

Replace Browser (Existing Feature Change – MillBox)

The Raplace Browser function has now been enhanced by introducing the possibility to importing a single interface (instead of a full replace.txt file) into an empty directory in the replace tree, as well as the chance of customizing to better select and organize the existing replace libraries.

Partial Milling (Existing Feature Change – MillBox)

A complete revision of the partial milling calculation has been performed. Thanks to the new interface it is now possible to have information about tools and positioning taking advantage of a smoother procedure.

Customizable shortcuts (Configuration – MillBox)

Added a new Shortcuts tab to the configuration dialog so that users can customize the key sequence for most of the MillBox shortcuts.

Create Support Backup Files (Configuration – MillBox)

To backup the current job for support, a new shortcut has been added: CTRL+ALT+B

New Setting: Locking of Blank in use (New Feature – MillBox)

A new setting has been added in MillBox Preferences under General > Blanks: Lock read write “.blk” files after selection to prevent them from being used by other sessions. With this setting toggled on, any time a blank is opened by MillBox, it will be locked and unable to be opened by another installation. This can prevent the same blank from being imported into multiple MillBox nesting stations simultaneously. The blank will be locked until it is released or until MillBox change project or is closed.

[Export] Extraction Preview (Existing Feature Change – MillBox) – New Feature

The UI of export connection has been simplified to display the extraction volumes side by side with the extracted mesh preview. In the past, users would have to switch back and forth between the 1st & 2nd step just to check if the extracted connection matches expectations.