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The most powerful and accurate suite of commercially available grounding (earthing) and electromagnetic analysis software packages on the market. A complete array of auxiliary software tools are included in the CDEGS suite to complement, support and enhance the methods used to solve various problems involving grounding, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic fields and transient phenomena that can be tackled by CDEGS.

CDEGS (Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Interference, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis) is a powerful set of integrated software tools designed to accurately analyze a variety of electromagnetic related problems encountered in all industries involving electric networks.

With CDEGS, you:

  • Avoid simplifying assumptions and model any system realistically
  • Compute currents flowing in arbitrary networks of conductors, and their associated electric fields, magnetic fields and scalar potentials
  • Take into account the electrical complexity of soil structures
  • Accurately calculate line parameters of arbitrary 3D networks
  • Determine realistic current distributions between all metallic paths connected to electric networks subjected to various fault scenarios
  • Accurately interpret soil resistivity measurements and Fall-of-Potential tests
  • Calculate potential distributions, electric and magnetic fields anywhere above or below ground
  • Evaluate GPR, touch and step voltages, coating stresses and leakage current densities
  • Design safe grounding systems complying with and surpassing the minimal requirements from IEEE 80, IEC 61936, IEC 62305 and many other standards, including your own
  • Study interactions between conductors, cables, GIS, GIL and plates
  • Mitigate interference problems efficiently
  • Protect installations, workers and the public against electromagnetic threats
  • Assess environmental impacts such as radio and audio noise caused by corona effects
  • Predict the performance of lightning protection systems using all known methods
  • Carry out parametric analyses and estimate the effect of uncertain or missing data using powerful automation tools