CYME 8.1 Full

  • Full Version ✅
  • Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 ✅
  • 32/64 bits compatibility ✅
  • Comes with all necessary files to Install & Activate ✅
  • Permanent activation ✅
  • Install guide is included ✅
  • It can be installed on as many computers as you want ✅
  • One-time payment! ? ✅
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The CYME team continues to further the development of the CYME Software to offer a flexible framework with advanced analyses for power engineers in utilities and industrial installations. The focus remains on delivering our promise of a powerful yet intuitive software which brings dependable results at the user’s fingertips.

On top of the new and enhanced algorithms, a countless number of innovative tools introduced in version 8.1 offer an enriched one-line diagram navigation experience and open the way to dynamic integration with external systems for a factual view.

This new version combines user insights with our innovative edge and is in line with the fast changing industry practices, standards and regulations, while improving its renowned user-friendliness.

Enhancing the as-built network model with field measurements

Highly adaptable plugin environments are introduced with CYME 8.1, which purposes are to enrich the CYME network model with dynamic data from the field and to feed external systems with information from the CYME data and results.