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ETAP 21 Series offers an impressive new set of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions.

From advanced renewable energy modeling, safety compliance, simulation tools, leading-edge model-driven real-time network management solutions, ETAP 21 addresses your requirements and industry needs.

ETAP 21 Series includes new solutions & features plus 1,000’s of enhancements and time-saving improvements supporting our customers with technology and best practices to become more:

AC Arc Flash

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance based on Australian Std.

Compliance with guidelines for the selection, use and maintenance of PPE for electrical arc hazards

  • Calculation based on Australian Std. Energy Networks Association’s ENA NENS 09-2014 (Sweeting Method)
  • Maximum and Minimum Arc Current Incident Energy Results
  • User-Definable Arc Current Determination Factors
  • 3-Phase/1-Phase, Electrode material, and Distance Exponent Factors
  • PPE Breakthrough ATPV Multiplier factor
  • Batch calculation for 1000’s of locations
  • Edit, customize, and Print Labels from the Calculator
  • Arc-Flash Boundary and Shock Risk Assessment Plots
  • IE vs. Arc Duration and Working Distance Plots
  • Enclosed and Open-Air Typical Input Data (per IEEE 1584)
  • Arc-Flash Label Templates per ENA NENS 09

Arc-Flash Plot View

Transient Arc-Flash Result Graphical Comparison

  • New plots with a quick overview of multiple scenario results
  • Incident Energy vs. Working Distance and Arc Duration Lookup Chart
  • Worst-Case Arc-Flash Boundary vs. Electrode Configuration Plot
  • Transient Arc Current and Incident Energy Plots
  • Generic Transient Short-Circuit Bolted Fault Current Input Parameters (Generated)
  • Import Transient Short Circuit results to Integrate final Incident Energy Exposure
  • Ability to include asymmetrical current in Energy Integration
  • PlotView feature includes fully customizable plots including 3D Views
  • Unlimited Plot Customization ETAP Plot SnapShots™ to record and save unlimited plot views
  • Result Tooltips to aid in Result Visualization

DC Arc Flash

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce compliance based on German Std.

Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods.

  • DC Arc Flash Calculator with Two Methods:
    • DGUV-I 203-077 – Worst Case (Max Power)
    • General (Iterative) – Based on Stokes
  • Shunt and Series DC Arc Fault Types
  • Batch Import and Export for 1000’s of Locations
  • DC Arc Flash Custom Label Generation
  • PPE Evaluation based on VDE 0682-306-1-2 or User-Defined Energy Levels
  • Typical Input Data for Diff. Equipment Types
  • Electrode Material Correction Factors
  • Boundary Plots & Intuitive Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Export Results to CSV and MS Excel

Reliability Assessment

Assess the availability and quality of power supply at each customer service entrance

  • Analyze complete system or targeted feeders only
  • Display assessment results directly on GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced plot selection

Switching Optimization

Automatically determine the optimal system configuration to achieve user-specified objectives

  • Alert & Visual Display on ETAP One-line & GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks

Switching Sequence Management

Ensure safety by graphically building, simulating & testing switching sequence plans

  • Validation of switch plans using Unbalanced Power Flow
  • Simulate switch plans on One-line or GIS Diagram
  • Export sequence plans to MS Excel
  • Export plans to online Sequence Management Viewer

Time Domain Load Flow

Automatically & sequentially vary load and generation and solve steady-state power flows over time

  • Quasi-Static Load Flow (QSLF) with Controller dynamics simulation
  • Smart Inverter simulation and analysis
  • Time-domain profiles for VFD, induction, and synchronous machines
  • Plot response from Controllers and SVC/STATCOM
  • Total Active & Reactive Power Plots
  • Time Slider & Alerts for GIS Diagram
  • Interpolation between time steps smaller than profile resolution
  • Higher resolution time step external data support and simulation

Signal Scope Analyzer

Signal analyzer allows plotting and analysis of signals from various ETAP modules in multi-module studies

  • Analysis and filtering capability for undamped, overdamped, and underdamped signals
  • Study Plot Lists capability which allows the user to conveniently select specific plots to be generated and analyzed for their project
  • Comparison Signal Instruction files in XML format to support ETAP users with any regional settings
  • Unlimited plot customization with ETAP Plot SnapShots™ for single and comparison charts to record and save unlimited plot views

Volt/Var Optimization

Minimize VAR Losses and Improve Distribution Grid Efficiency

  • Alert visualization on GIS Diagram
  • Enhanced modeling for switched capacitor banks & distribution transformers

StarZ Distance Protection

Gain insight into line protection, relay performance & evaluate system-wide protective device operation

  • Simulate protection impact based on Unbalanced Faults -AG, BG, CG, AB, BC, CA, ABG, BCG, and CAG
  • StarZ™ integration with eTraX™ for railway system protection simulation
  • Create and Manage StarView TCCs in StarZ mode
  • Normalized TCC based on StarZ Single-fault report

Transient Stability

Accurately simulate power system dynamics and transients

  • Frequency calculation for grid-forming inverter
  • Improved frequency estimation algorithm for dynamic simulation

Cable Systems

Calculate optimal and alternative cable sizes

  • Selection of cables based on Australian Standard AS/NZS 3008.1.1 up to and including 0.6/1 kV
  • Selection of cables based on New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3008.1.2 up to and including 0.6/1 kV
  • Built-in ampacity/capacity & derating factor tables based on methods of installation
  • Sizing of phase conductor based on loading, voltage drop, short-circuit, and harmonics
  • Batch cable management & dimensioning from Cable Manager
  • Updating Equipment Cable SC kA from Load Terminal Fault
  • Cable pulling upgraded to a 64-bit application

Line Ampacity Calculation

Calculate the current-temperature characteristics for overhead lines

  • Comply with IEEE 738-2012 standard
  • Study conductor ampacity vs. temperature characteristics
  • Determine maximum transmission & distribution line operating temperature under various loading conditions
  • Calculate transmission and distribution line derated ampacity based on temperature limit
  • Consider effects and adjustments due to weather, solar heat, & geographical location effects


Accelerate digitization and data exchange through built-in conversions

SKM Import

  • Enhanced built-in conversion from SKM PowerTools® to ETAP, including conversion of DC system
  • Improved automatic single-line diagram generation

Power Analytics / EDSA Import

  • Built-in conversion from Power Analytics® / EDSA®
  • Automatic single-line diagram generation

Common Information Model Import

  • Import & automatic GIS diagram generation from CIM XML
  • Incremental data exchange with intelligent component property comparison
  • Automatic file ingestion using file watcher and scheduler with job logging
  • Automatic device warehouse creation
  • Automatic single-line diagram updates for the modified area without impact to non-changed areas
  • Automatic synchronization from GIS to single-line

NTF Format

  • Built-in conversion using NTF file format for transfer of geospatial information (BS 7567)
  • Import data from Distribution Network Information System (DINIS) using NTF format

Release Highlights

Design, Analysis & Simulation

  • iSLD Intelligent Single-Line Diagram
  • Geospatial Intelligent System (GIS)
  • Switching Optimization
  • Quasi-Dynamic Load Flow
  • T&D Overhead Line Ampacity based on IEEE Std. 738-2012
  • Smart Inverters with autonomous functions for DER simulation
  • DataX™ Power Analytics / EDSA Import
  • ArcSafety
    • AC Arc Flash Calculator based on ENA NENS 09-2014
    • Arc Flash Calculator enhancements based on DGUV Std. 203-077
  • Cable Sizing
    • Australia & New Zealand Std. – AS/NZS 3008
    • French Std – NF C15-100