EMTP-RV 4.1 (EMTPWorks) Full

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EMTP-RV is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis software for power system transients.
The package is a sophisticated computer program for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients in multiphase electric power systems. EMTP-RV features a wide variety of modeling capabilities encompassing electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations ranging in duration from microseconds to minutes. EMTP-RV’s standard library provides a comprehensive and well-documented list of components and function blocks that allow the user to realize easily complete and complex power system studies.

It includes:

  • Advanced model of electrical machines
  • Detailed and precise models of lines and cables
  • Complete models of transformers that can model saturation and the hysteresis of the magnetic core
  • Extensive library of control devices and more!

EMTP-RV strengths:

  • Used worldwide as a reference tool by the main actors of the power system industry (EDF, RTE, Hydro-Québec and many other utilities, manufacturers and consultants)
  • Large field of powers systems applications
  • Numerical robustness and stability
  • Comprehensive built-in libraries including detailed models of electrical machines, transformers, lines, cables
  • Automatically initializes time-domain simulations from steady-state,
    Capability to simulate very large power systems and power electronics systems without compromising precision
  • The most advanced user-defined modeling capabilities using DLLs and devices in the GUI
  • The same design can be used for Load-Flow, steady-state, time-domain and frequency scan simulation
  • Scriptable and customizable easy-to-use GUI
  • Many application examples are provided with EMTP-RV
  • Reactive and efficient technical support