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Exocad 3.2 Elefsina Crack DentalCAD DentalDB PartialCAD

The purchase includes the following modules:

  • Implant Module
  • Bar Module
  • Model Creator
  • Bite Splint Module
  • Provisional Module
  • PartialCAD
  • FullDenture Module
  • TrueSmile Module
  • Virtual Articulator
  • Jaw Motion Import
  • DICOM Viewer
  • Smile Creator
  • Tooth Library

Exocad 3.2 Elefsina comes with more than 60 new features for more automation and speed!

New features, more automation and seamless integration

DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina includes many time-saving features. The new preparation margin repair tool enables users to make the most out of imperfect intraoral scans – users can fix margins to get an acceptable result despite artifacts or holes in the scan. A new auto- articulator offers fully automatic consideration of dynamic occlusion. Also included is a new integration of compact milling machines. Users can select their preferred block and start production seamlessly from within their CAD software, and switch tooth libraries while keeping their previous setup.

Elevated Smile Creator for better visualization and pre-operative treatment planning

New tools in the Smile Creator module bring users more predictability and better planning options. Users can now design virtual gingiva for more realistic outcomes and create smiles based on patients’ natural teeth. The ability to adjust the 3D rendering to the camera’s focal length enables a more precise photo-driven smile design.

Improved Bite Splint Module and Full Denture Module

With the Bite Splint Module in DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina, users can now enjoy more automation in their bite splint design and save design time. The Full Denture Module includes a new feature to rapidly copy an existing denture in a highly automated workflow. This provides a faster and more cost-effective alternative to relining, leveraging recent advances in 3D printing. In addition, dentures on ball attachments are now supported. An add-on module for the Ivoclar Ivotion™ Denture System is now available as well, in conjunction with a dedicated tooth library, available from Ivoclar.

Other major highlights of the DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina release include:

• Design post and core restorations so that a crown matching the core can be designed in the same step (beta)

• New Virtual Articulator support for Gamma Dental Reference SL, Kavo PROTARevo 5B, plus an anatomical “in-skull” articulator visualization

• An easier and more efficient process for titanium bases supporting variable screw channel angulation