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inLab 20 Crack

The purchase includes the following software:

  • inLab SW 20.0.1
  • inLab CAM SW 20.0.1
  • inLab Model
  • inLab Check
  • inLab Partial Framework
  • inLab Splint

Full dentures with inLab SW 20.0. Simply digital.

The conventional production of dentures is one of the most complex manual activities in the dental laboratory, combined with high expenditure of time and intensive use of working materials as well as specific dental technical qualifications and experience. The manufacture of a digital denture places correspondingly high demands on the CAD/CAM-supported manufacturing process. With the new inLab software 20.0, Dentsply Sirona is expanding the field of dental indications to include the fabrication of digital dentures and is also offering a laboratory-oriented and economically interesting introduction to this field of application.

The digital production of dentures accelerates the manufacturing process in the laboratory, offers more security with regard to accuracy, reproducibility and material quality and has a positive influence on economic aspects in general.

The digital workflow simplifies complex processes.

The current inLab Software 20.0 has now for the first time extended its range of indications to the field of application of dentures and provides the dental laboratory with optimum digital support for all relevant process steps – from accurate imaging of the bite registration with the inEos X5 extraoral scanner, through automated and careful model analysis, to the initial proposal of a possible tooth set-up and the design of the denture base. Familiar and proven procedures regarding functional impressions and bite registration can be retained. The laboratory decides on the digital further processing.

High usability and intuitive operation are central components of the new inLab Software indication. The software guides the dental technician step-by-step safely through the entire digital process without having to forego individual design requirements. The intelligent model analysis supports the definition of the required anatomical features. Users of the inEos X5 extraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona also benefit from the latest software update 20.0. A clearer user interface, new step menu and interactive help via object list, guide users through the scanning process for every indication. Especially for the digital denture, a uniquely developed denture holder positions the bite registration for safe and shake-free scanning in just one step. The denture optimized software also enables a new and fast scan workflow for the exact correlation of upper and lower jaw – the optimal basis for the subsequent design.

Tooth arrangement of your choice

The inLab SW 20.0 offers two options for tooth placement: the use of digitized denture teeth that are stored in a tooth library, or individual tooth set-up. Both are based on the unique biogeneric algorithm through which the software already adapts the occlusally located teeth to the given jaw situation.

In the case of denture teeth from the dental library, the new prefabricated IPN 3DTM Digital Denture Teeth from Dentsply Sirona are used, specially developed for the digital process. They are uniquely designed prevent penetration through the intaglio surface of the denture base. After the teeth have been placed in the inLab Software, the denture base is designed with the corresponding tooth pockets. A special positioning system is used, which facilitates the subsequent attachment of the acrylic teeth and thus accelerates the positioning and bonding of the teeth.

For the individual tooth set-up morphology, shape and occlusion can be individually designed after the positioning. This allows special patient situations to be taken into account or individual tooth shapes to be created. The complete tooth arch can be completely fabricated or, depending on requirements, divided into several segments down to the individual tooth. After the denture has been designed, a monolithic Try-in can be fabricated.

Staying flexible in production

The subsequent manufacturing process can be carried out using various methods: the denture base can be milled out of a blank, such as Lucitone® 199 Denture Base Disc from Dentsply Sirona, or manufactured in 3D printing material such as Lucitone Digital PrintTM 3D Denture Resin. Depending on the tooth set-up selected, the tooth arch or segments are milled out of a disc or the prefabricated IPN 3D™ Digital Denture Teeth from Dentsply Sirona are used.

The inLab system continues to follow the principle of seamless, validated and open connection to suitable manufacturing processes – whether with inLab MC X5 or via the optional interface with other suitable production units using the milling and 3D printing process.

Digital Denture with inLab – an option for any preference

The current inLab software offers a fast, simple and economically reasonable entry into the digital fabrication and at the same time opens up the digital path that suits the dental laboratory best.