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3shape Ortho System OrthoAnalyzer 2022 Crack

3Shape Ortho System can help transfer your conventional workflows as well as introduce new digital workflows.

An entry point for many Orthodontic Labs it to offer a scanning and archiving service for their orthodontic clients utilising a 3Shape Desktop Scanner.

Diagnostic services such as PAR scoring, IOTN, and many more analyses can be provided with the assistance of a range of software tools available.

Intra Oral Scans from scanners such as 3Shape TRIOS and any 3rd party scanner exporting STL files can be received and prepared for printing for conventional appliance fabrication. Tools such as digital bracket removal can be used to offer new services such as ‘pre-debond retainers’.     

Advanced software functionality offers digital workflows to make product offerings such as Clear Aligners, Indirect Bonding, Splints and Appliance Design more efficient and economic.

Orthodontic Planning with 3Shape Orthoanalyzer

Orthodontic Laboratory Technicians can utilise the range of functions within Orthoanalyzer to deliver a range of services to their clients. Scans can be easily based to create Digital Study Models and quickly retrieved for routine assessment. Treatment needs can be determined by using a range of measurement tools with several built-in analysis functions such as PAR, Bolton, IOTN and Space Analysis. More thorough assessment can be provided by integrating CBCT scans onto the surface scan to assess bone density and root positions.

Advanced treatment diagnosis and planning can be delivered using advanced features such as Virtual Setups for quickly presenting treatment options such as traditional ‘Kesling’ setups. Occlusal interferences can be assessed by utilising Virtual Articulators and the defined treatment plan shared with a 3Shape enabled lab to assist with the provision of appliances or clear aligners in order to meet the planned treatment outcome.

Clear Aligner Studio

Clear Aligner treatment is increasing in popularity amongst clinicians and patients alike for the simplicity and control this treatment offers. 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio simplifies the process of defining, planning and delivering the treatment in a manner that can be enjoyed by technicians and clinicians offering maximum control and efficiency.

On completion of a scan, the treatment proposal is easily defined and the software will help the technician plan in a manner that is achievable as per the clinicians prescription. Once the ideal outcome is defined and agreed, the overall movements are automatically broken into incremental stages using parameters defined by the user.

Indirect Bonding Studio

Being very direct about it, 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio is a solution that enables Clinicians to deliver precise bracket placement leading to predicable and efficient treatment.

Automated workflows guide the user through segmentation and landmark definition leading to automatic FA point identification.

A comprehensive library of brackets and wires provided by leading bracket manufactures automatically populates the arch to the Clinician’s prescription

Appliance Designer

3Shape Appliance Designer offers the digital orthodontic technician a toolkit of functions to convert their appliance design concepts into a digital environment for accurate and efficient design before fabrication using a range of 3D printing, milling and metal laser sintering techniques.

By digitally replicating conventional fabrication techniques such as wire bending, wax casting, vacuum forming, soldering and acrylic work, the limit to the use of 3Shape Appliance Designer is only in the technician’s imagination.

Shell functions allow the layering of material over a defined area to a user selected thickness. Bar functions allow the user to create a bar of defined cross section along a drawn path. Multiple control points enable infinite adjustments to all the technician design a bar to their exact specification.