TracePro Expert 7 Ver. 7.3.4 Full

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TracePro combines a graphical user interface with solid modeling, Monte Carlo ray tracing, analysis features, CAD import/export, optimization methods, and a complete and robust macro language to solve a wide variety of problems in illumination design and optical analysis.

It is primarily used in illumination design to simulate and optimize light pipes, light guides, and non-imaging lenses and mirrors. TracePro is also a powerful tool for analysis of non-imaging aspects of imaging systems such as stray light and polarization. With its full set of features, designers can simulate surface effects including absorption, specular reflection and transmission, and scattering. Bulk properties including absorption, scattering, and fluorescence enable the design and analysis of devices for a wide variety of applications.

TracePro is also used to virtually build and test prototypes, reducing the cost and time to build and test a series of physical prototypes. Users find that they can successfully avoid intermediate steps and build only a final prototype. TracePro provides an integrated software environment that helps you complete almost any task in contemporary illumination design. More than a ray tracing program, it also provides advanced tools for designing medical devices, illumination, display backlights, light pipes, automotive lighting, and many other applications.