Wings XP 5 Experience Pro Full

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  • Full Version ✅
  • Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 ✅
  • 32/64 bits compatibility ✅
  • Comes with all necessary files to Install & Activate ✅
  • Permanent activation ✅
  • Install guide is included ✅
  • It can be installed on as many computers as you want ✅
  • One-time payment! 🙂 ✅
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Pro Level of eXPerience is the best solution for punching houses and professional digitizers. Pro Level includes all the options of the previous levels plus the capability of creating difficult designs in the fastest possible way. This level of program is designed for the company that demands nothing but the best.


  • Create designs with Chenille stitch type and apply chain and loop special function to any stitch type.
  • Complete Style and Pattern creator that allows you to create any style and pattern you prefer and apply them to your designs. Inside the Style editor you have the ability to add special functions to stitches like Sequins, stops and needle-ups that allow you to create styles with double sequins, and styles for frill designs. Also, any simple shape you have created can be easily converted to style by simply saving it as style.
  • Convert symbols to embroidery and create your own pre-digitized fonts by using the Font creator tool.
  • Many extra options per stitch type that can be adjusted to increase embroidery quality and customize the designs, such as Repeat offset and Incline control on Running stitch type, apply Styles and Patterns to satin/zig-zag/ satin serial / piping stitch types and add square end on step stitch type
  • Advanced optimizations to the entire design by using the Clean up expert tool that filters the entire design and enhances the quality of the final embroidery result.

Pro Level features

Paste vector EPS/CMX/EMF files as backdrops from clipboard
Convert symbols to embroidery
Create designs with Chenille stitch type
Add Patterns in Satin/Piping/Zig-Zag
Automatic minimum pattern stitch length control
Merge Styles-Pattern/Effects from different files
Combination of styles-patterns and Vector Fill/Block Fill in Satin
Advanced Pattern Editor
3D Pattern preview in pattern editor
Add Sections in already digitized objects
Style Editor (Designer) with 300+ pre-digitized styles

Create styles with sequins and styles for fril designs.
Break Apart Sections
Convert objects To styles

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  1. trevor ken

    awesome experience and the product arrived instantly through email

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